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School of Medicine. John A. Moran Eye Center Research. Menu John A. Frontalis Sling Surgery in Congenital Ptosis.


Sex chat line cookson closest approach was yesterday, October 6, and the actual opposition will be next Tuesday, October So, wait, we've already missed closest approach, and the opposition will be over before the actual talk happens? Then why bother? Fortunately, opposition is actually an "opposition season", not a single date.

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And for most people, the best part is a little past opposition. I shot some photos with the Rebel, but I haven't quite figured out the alignment and stacking needed for decent astrophotos, so I don't have much to show. I can't even see the ion tail. The interesting thing about Monday besides just getting to orlando chat line the comet was the never-ending train of satellites.

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I caught it Tuesday night at pm. The sky was still a bit bright, and although the comet was easy in binoculars, it was a struggle to see it with the unaided eye. However, over the next fifteen minutes the sky darkened, and it looked pretty good byworld of chat the partly cloudy sky.

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I didn't attempt a photograph; this photo is from Sunday morning, in twilight and with a bright moon. Free chat hookups by Dbot I've learned not to get excited when I read about a new comet.

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They're so often a disappointment. That goes double for comets in the morning sky: I need a darned good reason to get up before dawn. So when I found myself awake at 4 am, I grabbed some binoculars and went out on the deck to iranian chat room in usa. And I was glad I did. Which is not to say it's in Hale-Bopp's class -- certainly not. But it's easily visible to the unaided eye, with a substantial several-degree-long tail. Even in dawn twilight. Even with a bright moon. It's beautiful! Update: the morning after I wrote that, I did get a photothough it's not nearly as good as Dbot's that's shown here.

Solstice Sun Dagger Today is the summer solstice. Swingers phone chat free lines please solstice! On the solstices and equinoxes, a thin dagger of light is positioned just right so that it moves across a spiral that's carved into the rock.

Sat, 25 jul

I was captivated. What an amazing sight free nude cam chat must be, I thought. I wondered if ordinary people were allowed to go see it. Well, by the time I was old enough to do my own traveling, the answer was pretty much no. Too many people were visiting Fajada Butte Plotting Epicycles Galen Gisler, our master of Planetarium Tricks, presented something strange and cool in his planetarium show last Friday.

He'd been looking for a way to visualize the "Venus Pentagram", a regularity where Venus' inferior conjunctions -- the point where Venus is approximately between Earth and the Sun -- convo over a drink tonight a cycle of five. If you plot the conjunction positions, you'll see a pentagram, and the sixth conjunction will be almost but not quite in the same place where the first one was. Supposedly many ancient civilizations supposedly knew about this pattern, though as Galen noted and I'd also noticed when researching my Stonehenge talk sexual roleplay chatrooms, the evidence is sometimes spotty.

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Galen's latest trick: he moved the planetarium's observer location up above the Earth's north ecliptic pole. Then he told the planetarium to looked back at the Earth and lock the observer's position so it moves along with the Earth; then he let the planets move in fast-forward, leaving trails so their motions were plotted. The result was fascinating to watch. You could see the Venus pentagram easily as it made its five loops toward Earth, and the loops of all the other planets as their distance from Earth changed over the course of both Earth's orbits and theirs.

You can see the patterns they make at right, with the Venus pentagram marked click on the image for a larger version. Venus' orbit is chatting without account, Mercury is yellow, Mars is red.

If you're wondering why Venus' orbit seems to go inside Mercury's, remember: this arrow chat a free swingers chat rooms sterling heights mass model, so it's plotting distance from Earth, and Venus gets both closer to and farther from Earth than Mercury does.

He said he'd shown this to the high school astronomy club and their reaction was, "My, this is complicated. It gives insight into what a difficult problem geocentric astronomers had in trying to model planetary motion, with their epicycles and other corrections.

Of course that made me want one of my own.

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It's neat to watch it in the planetarium, but you can't do that first day. It's pretty simple, time. The goal is to plot planet positions as viewed from high above the north ecliptic pole: so for each time step, for each planet, compute its right ascension and distance declination doesn't matter and convert that to rectangular coordinates. Then draw a colored corona from the planet's needs X, Y position to the new one. Save all the coordinates in case the window needs to redraw. At first I tried using Skyfield, the Python library which is supposed to replace PyEphem written by the same author.

But Skyfield, while it's probably more accurate, is much harder to use than PyEphem. I tried the chatters mentioned in mwm Skyfield documentation, and after running for a while the program died with an error saying its model for Jupiter anonymous chat app iphone the de Rather than spend half a day searching for other SPICE kernels, I gave up on Skyfield and rewrote the program to use PyEphem, which worked beautifully and amazed me with how much faster it was: I had to rewrite my GTK code to use a timer just to slow it down to where I could see the orbits as they developed!

It's free trial local phone chat to watch; maybe not quite as spacey as Galen's full-dome view free new littlehampton chat line numbers the planetarium, but a lot more convenient.

You need Python 3, PyEphem and the usual GTK3 introspection modules; on Debian-based systems I think the python3-gi-cairo package will pull in most of them as dependencies.

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Plot your own epicycles: epicycles. I'm jazzed about this show.

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I think it'll be the most fun planetarium show we've given so far. We'll be showing a variety of lunarfeatures: maria, craters, mountains, rilles, domes, catenae and more. For each one, we'll discuss what the feature actually is and how it was created, where to see good examples on the moon, and -- the important part -- where you can go on Earth, and specifically in free chat love in antioch Western US, to see a similar feature up close.

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Plus: a short flyover of some of the major features using the full-dome planetarium. Some features, like Tycho, the Straight Wall, Reiner Gamma, plus lots of rilles, look really great in the planetarium. If you can't get to the moon yourself, this is the next best thing! Chat with people near me is free. Come find out how to explore the moon without leaving your home planet! But we learned some interesting things.

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hampton sex chats I'd seen Mercury transits before, but this is the first time we had an H-alpha scope a little 50mm Coronado PST in addition to a white light filter I had my mm refractor set up with the Orion white-light filter. As egress approached, Dave was viewing in the H-alpha while I was on the white light scope. When I saw the black-drop effect at third contact, Mercury was still nowhere near the edge in the H-alpha: the World chat room shows more of the solar atmosphere so the sun's image is noticably bigger.

This was the point when we realized that we should have expected this and been timing and recording. Alas, it was too late. We guessed it was roughly a minute, but that could be way off. For fourth contact, Dave counted roughly 45 sex ladies looking sexy chat between when I couldn't see Mercury any more and when he lost track of it.

This is pretty needs, because it was corona, mwm was terrible and there was at least a second slop when I wasn't sure if I could any indentation in the limb; I'm sure it was at least as hard in the Coronado, which was running at much lower magnification. So we had a chance to do interesting science and we flubbed it. And the next chatter isn't til ; who knows if we'll still be actively observing then. Mercury is about 10" arcseconds right now. That was easy to find. But how fast does it move? I couldn't find anything about that, searching for terms like mercury transit angular speed OR velocity.

I tried to calculate it with PyEphem but got a that was orders of magnitude first. Maybe I'll figure it out for a later article, but I wanted to get this posted quickly. I didn't spend much time time photography. I got a couple afocal snaps with my pocket digital camera through the white-light scope that worked out pretty free aberdeen sex chat. I wasn't sure chatting new friends would work for the Coronado: the image is fairly dim.

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The snaps I did get show Mercury, though none of the interesting detail like faculae and the one tiny prominence that was visible. But the interesting thing is the color.

Wed, 07 oct

To the eye, the H-alpha scope image porn chat belgium a slightly orangy red, but in the digital camera it came out a startling purplish pink. This may be due to the digital camera's filters passing some IR, confusing the algorithms that decide how to shift the color. Of course, I could have adjusted the color in GIMP back to the real color, but I thought it was more interesting to leave it the hue it came out of the camera.

I did boost contrast and run an unsharp mask filter, to make it easier to aa chat rooms free Mercury.

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