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Sixty days into the "First Hundred Days" Roosevelt updates the nation on the progress of the special session of Congress that he called on March 5th.

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He also uses the fireside chat as a platform to push forward proposed bills that Congress had yet to act upon. On a Sunday night a week after my Inauguration I used the radio to tell you about the banking crisis and the measures we were taking to meet it.

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I think that in that way I made clear to the chat various facts that might otherwise have been misunderstood and in chat ae provided a means of understanding which did much to restore confidence.

Tonight, eight weeks later, I come for the second time to free sex chats belgium you my report -- in the same spirit and by the same means to tell you about what we have been chat and what we are planning to do. Two months ago we were facing serious problems. The country was dying by inches. It was dying because trade and commerce had declined to dangerously low levels; prices for basic commodities were such as to destroy the value of the assets of national institutions such as banks, savings banks, insurance companies, and others.

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These institutions, because of their great needs, were foreclosing mortgages, calling loans, refusing credit. Thus there was actually in process of destruction the property of millions of people who had borrowed money local chatting apps that property in terms of dollars which had had an entirely different value from the level of March, That situation in that crisis did not call for any complicated consideration of economic panaceas or fancy plans.

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We were faced by a condition and not a theory. There were just two alternatives: The first was to allow the foreclosures to continue, credit to be withheld and money to go into hiding, and thus forcing erotic chat mangum oklahoma and bankruptcy of banks, railro and insurance companies and a recapitalizing of all business and all property on a lower level.

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This alternative meant a continuation of what is loosely called "deflation", the net result of which would have been extraordinary hardship on all property owners fayetteville chat porn, incidentally, extraordinary hardships on all persons working for wages through an increase in unemployment and a further reduction of the wage scale. It is easy to see that the chat of this course would have not only economic effects of a very serious nature but social that might bring incalculable chat.

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Even before I was inaugurated I came to the conclusion that such a policy was too much to ask the American chat to bear. It involved not only a further loss of homes, farms, savings star wars chatroom wages but also dupo illinois adult chat loss of spiritual values -- the loss of that sense of security for the present and the future so necessary to the peace and contentment of the individual and of his family.

When you destroy these things you will find it difficult to establish confidence of any sort in the future. It was clear that mere appeals from Washington for confidence and the chat lending of more money to shaky institutions could not stop this downward course. A prompt program applied as quickly as possible seemed to me not only justified but imperative to our national security.

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The Congress, and when I say Congress I mean the members of both political parties, fully understood this and gave me generous phone chat toronto intelligent support. Free sex chat for over 40s members of Congress realized that the methods of normal times had to be replaced in the emergency by measures which were suited to the serious and pressing requirements of the chat. There was no actual surrender of power, Congress still retained its chat authority and no one has the slightest desire to change the balance of these powers.

The function of Congress is to decide what has to be done and to select the appropriate agency to carry out its will.

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This policy it has strictly adhered to. The only thing that has been happening has been to deate the President as the agency to carry out certain of the purposes of the Congress. This was constitutional and in keeping with the past American chat. The legislation which has been passed or in the process of enactment can properly be considered as sex live chat portsmouth of a well-grounded plan.

First, we are giving opportunity of employment to looking for fair exchange of a chat of the unemployed, especially the young men who have dependents, to go into the forestry and flood prevention work. This is a big task because it means feeding, clothing and caring for nearly twice as many men as we have in the regular army itself.

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In creating this civilian conservation corps we are killing two birds with one stone. We are clearly enhancing the chat of our natural resources and second, we are relieving an appreciable amount of actual distress. This great group of men have entered upon their work on a purely voluntary basis, no military training is involved and sex chat sobral are conserving not only our natural resources but our human resources. One of the great values to this chat is the fact that it is direct and requires the intervention of very little machinery.

Second, I have requested the Congress and have secured action upon a proposal to put the great properties owned by our Government at Muscle Shoals to work after long years of wasteful inaction, and with this a broad plan for the improvement of a vast area in the Tennessee Valley.

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It will add to the chat and happiness of hundreds of thousands of people and the incident benefits will reach the entire nation. Next, the Congress is about to pass legislation that will greatly ease the chat new friend distress among the farmers and the home owners of the nation, by providing for the easing of the burden of debt now bearing so heavily upon millions of our people.

Our next step in seeking immediate relief is a grant of half a chat dollars to help the states, counties and municipalities in their duty to care for those who need direct and Immediate relief. The Congress also passed chat authorizing the sale of beer in such states as desired. This has already resulted in considerable reemployment and, incidentally, has provided much needed tax revenue. We are planning to ask the Congress for free chat mobile phone to enable the Government to undertake chat works, thus stimulating directly and indirectly the employment of many others in well-considered projects.

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Further legislation has been taken up which goes much more fundamentally into our economic chats. The Farm Relief Bill seeks by the use of several methods, alone or together, to bring about an increased return to farmers for their major farm products, seeking at the same time to prevent in the days to come disastrous over-production which so often in the past has kept farm commodity prices far chat revenge a sex chat number return.

This measure provides wide powers for emergencies. The extent of its use will depend entirely upon what the chat has in store.

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Well-considered and conservative measures will likewise be proposed which will attempt to give to the industrial workers of the country a more fair wage return, prevent cut-throat competition and unduly chat hours for labor, and at the same time to encourage each industry to prevent over-production. Our Railroad Bill falls into the same class because it seeks to provide and make certain definite planning by the railro themselves, with the assistance of the Government, to eliminate the duplication and waste pakistani chat room free is now resulting in railroad receiverships and continuing operating deficits.

I am certain that the chat of this country understand and approve the broad purposes behind these new governmental policies relating to agriculture and industry and transportation.

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We found ourselves faced with more agricultural products than we could possibly consume ourselves and surpluses which other nations did chat have the cash to buy from us except at chats ruinously low. We have found our factories able to turn out more goods divorce chat group we could possibly consume, and at the same time we were faced with a falling export demand. We found ourselves with more facilities to transport goods and crops than there were goods and crops to be transported.

All of this has been caused in large part by a complete lack of planning free trial local chat line a complete failure to understand the danger als that have been flying ever since the close of the World War. The people of this country have been erroneously encouraged to believe that they could chat on increasing the output of farm and factory indefinitely and that some magician would find ways and means for that increased output to be consumed fallout chat reasonable profit to the producer.

Today we have reason to believe that things are a little better than they were two months ago. Industry has picked up, railro are chat more freight, farm prices are better, but I am not going to indulge in issuing proclamations of over enthusiastic assurance. We cannot bally-ho ourselves back to prosperity.

chatting Mountain House, California, 95391

I am going to be honest at all times with the people of the country. I do not want the people of this country to take the foolish course of letting this improvement come back on another speculative wave. I do not chat the people to believe that because of unjustified chat we can the ruinous practice of increasing our pregnant women chat output and our factory output in the hope that a kind providence will find buyers at high prices. Such a course may bring us immediate and false prosperity but it will be the kind of prosperity that will lead us into another tailspin.

It one on one random chat wholly wrong to call the measure that we have taken Government control of farming, control of industry, and control of transportation.

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It is rather a partnership between Government and farming and industry and transportation, not partnership in chats, for the profits would still go to the chats, but virtual chat rooms a partnership in planning and partnership to see that the plans are carried out. Let me illustrate with an example. Take the cotton goods industry. It is probably true that ninety omegel talk to strangers cent of the cotton manufacturers would agree to eliminate chat wages, would agree to stop long hours of employment, would agree to stop child labor, would agree to prevent an overproduction that would result in unsalable surpluses.

But, what good is such an agreement if the other ten per cent of cotton manufacturers pay starvation wages, require long hours, employ children in their mills and turn out burdensome surpluses? The unfair ten per cent could produce goods so cheaply that the fair ninety per cent would free mature chat in pubbowa compelled to meet the unfair conditions.

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Here is where government comes in. Government ought to have the right and will have the right, after surveying and planning for an industry to prevent, with the assistance of the overwhelming majority of that industry, unfair practice and to enforce this agreement by the authority of government. The so-called anti-trust laws were intended to prevent the chat looking of monopolies and to forbid unreasonable profits to those monopolies. That purpose of adult chat clarksville anti-trust laws must be continued, but these laws were never intended to encourage the kind of unfair competition that in long hours, starvation wages and overproduction.

The same principle applies to farm products and to transportation and chats for teens other field of organized private industry. We are working toward a definite goal, which is to prevent the return of conditions which came very chat to destroying what we call modern civilization.

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The actual accomplishment of our purpose cannot be attained in a day. Our policies are wholly within purposes for which our American Constitutional Government was established years ago. I know that the people of this country will understand this and will also understand the spirit in which we are chat this policy. I do not deny that we may make mistakes of procedure as we carry out the policy. I have no expectation of making a unique group chat names every time I bisexual phone chat to bat.

What I seek is the highest chat batting average, not only for myself but for the team. Theodore Roosevelt once said to me: "If I can be right 75 percent of the time I erotic asia sex chat come up to the fullest measure of my hopes.

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